The site historically conducted composting and waste transfer operations under the following Environmental Compliance Approvals:

  • Waste Disposal Site ( processing) ECA No. A8680066 (composting operation)
  • Waste Disposal Site (Transfer/processing) ECA No. A680110 ( waste transfer operation)
  • Air ECA No. 8-3157-94-006 (biofilter)
  • Sewage ECA No. 3-1036-98-006 (stormwater management)

The site historically had odour complaints and was recently in receivership. The site is out of receivership as of May 2019.

The owner of the site has decided that composting is not the solution for this site. Composting requires a lot of air and oxygen which needs to be treated afterwards. If the composting process is not executed well enough, this may cause nuisance.

New Development

Evergreen is incorporated to execute a plan to bring the site in compliance with the ECA’s and establish business practice supporting public interest and various municipal organics and renewable energy programs. This includes moving away from composting and instead to focus on proven and widely accepted processes in Ontario, including anaerobic digestion and wastewater treatment. Evergreen was incorporated for this purpose.

The future processes will all occur in vessel.  Initial operations will include receiving and depacking organics for shipment off site for further processing. This operation will transition into a full scale wet anaerobic digestion and waste water treatment following the design and approvals.

The approach has been developed to remedy historical site concerns, benefit the surrounding community and contribute to sustainable solutions.

The ultimate conversion of the site to anaerobic digestion is well within the provincial policy statements to divert organic waste from landfills, with the added benefit of producing renewable energy from biogas generated during the anaerobic digestion process.

Anaerobic digestion is a process is a collection of processes by which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. During and after the process the material is not being exposed to open air. Activities will occur in vessel and in enclosed reactors. Odour abatement will be in place.

Evergreen is seeking a combination the following applications for using the biogas:
– conversion into electricity and heat
– connection to the gas grid

Evergreen is seeking to potentially upgrade the waste water to ao sewer water quality

Evergreen is seeking to certify the remaining product as an official labelled fertilizer product and land applying the product locally.

How It Works


Public engagement is an important part of the planning. The plan has been prepared and is being executed. As we are committed to work with neighbours, community and local governments. We also have initiated consultation. A public Notice has been issued, letters are sent to nearby residents, we are meeting with neighbours, community and local governments. A open house will be organised shortly and a public liaison committee will be in place.

Environmental permit applications to amend the existing permits for the site have been prepared and will be submitted shortly. Municipal permit applications are being prepared and will be submitted within the next few months. Construction is expected to start in 2020 with commissioning planned to occur in 2021.

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