“Leadership is a vital commodity, but in short supply these days in business, teams and family life. Scott Kress has managed to use his professional and climbing experience to distill key lessons for people of all experiences to learn from. Learning in Thin Air is not a story of how he did it, its a journey that provides a framework for us to grow as leaders within the backdrop of some of the most challenging environments the world has to offer. An excellent read with a clear message for leadership growth, I highly recommend Learning in Thin Air.”

Dr Paul Ziemer BSc DCCEO, Neuro Vas Clinic

“As a CEO and Board member or a variety of organizations I am always looking for ways to focus our leadership and build our teams. This book was not only an interesting read, but it provided me with new ways to think about leadership and team development. I’ll definitely encourage our Executives and other Directors to read it. I know it will help them re-define how they lead and motivate their teams.”

Shaun FrancisPresident, Medcan

“As MBA Director in a leading Business School I read more than the usual amount of rubbish about leadership. Scott’s book is a beacon of clarity. Its readable, avoids jargon, uses the exciting mountaineering example to illustrate a high level of leadership theory and afterwards leaves one with a clear toolkit that’s of practical use. I’m glad that every one of our MBAs reads this book.”

Professor Tony Kinder PhDUniversity of Edinburgh MBA Programme Director